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Rental Application & Terms

Thank you for considering a Pantelan rental property for your next home.

We have adapted our usual home showing procedures for a safer and more streamlined process.  In order to schedule an in home showing of a property available for rent, please follow the steps below and submit an application packet via email to pre-quality.  Once you have viewed the property available for rent, a prospective tenant will need to provide payment of the rental application fee to complete the application packet.  At that time, Pantelan will proceed with processing your application.

Property showings will be determined once applications are submitted.  Dates/times will be sent via email to pre-qualified tenants who have submitted an application and are interested in a specific property as listed online.


When submitting an application, please complete the Pantelan application form including copy of your government-issued ID and copies of your past TWO pay stubs.  Please be aware that priority will be given to COMPLETED applications that include all documents and fees.  Please email completed applications to


The following is a list of requirements needed to qualify for residency:

  1. Rental amount cannot exceed 35% of your current gross income.

  2. One-year verifiable rental history within the last two years.  Rental history cannot reflect anything negative.  Proof of homeownership will suffice for this requirement.  If you have a foreclosure or short-sale on your credit we will need to see your last mortgage statement in order to be considered for qualification.  An additional deposit may be considered for those who cannot meet this requirement.

  3. Pantelan Real Estate Management, LLC runs criminal background and credit checks on all applicants and therefore requires a valid social security number and government issued id is needed to process an application.

  4. Credit reports cannot reflect any judgments, skips, evictions or collection accounts relating to rental history. Satisfied accounts will be viewed favorably.  A discharge must be reflected if a bankruptcy has been filed.

  5. Criminal background must not reflect criminal history involving felony convictions, arson, robbery, sexual offenses or crimes against children.

  6. All move-in costs are to be paid with a cashier’s check or money order – no exceptions.   

Per Pantelan’s rental policies, occupancy is limited to two individuals per bedroom and only two cars will be permitted on the Property.  Pantelan accepts pets with a non-refundable Pet Fee at move-in.  In order to process your application in a timely manner, the following items will be needed:

  1. Proof of Income: We will need copies of your two (2) most recent paycheck stubs.  If you have recently started a new job or do not have a paycheck stub at this time, an employment letter from your supervisor (on company letterhead) stating the number of hours you will work per week and your salary will suffice.    If you are starting a new job, we will need the final two pay stubs from your previous employer in addition to your accepted offer letter.  If self-employed, you must be able to provide Federal Tax returns for the past two (2) years to verify your income.  Other sources of income include S.S.I., student loans, grants/scholarship funds for current period, current savings account statement verifying balance.   Applicant’s printed name must be on any proof of income that you choose to submit.

  2. A completed application with current, accurate information and signatures of all applicants over the age of 18.

  3. A copy of a driver’s license or other government issued identification.

  4. Application Fee: $50 Per Adult.  An application form is required for each adult over the age of 18.

  5. If any of the above requirements are not met or the information is falsified, your application will be denied.  Application fees are non-refundable.

Download Pantelan Rental Application to complete and return.

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