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About Us

Founded in 2014 by Paul E. Sveen, Pantelan Group Holdings LLC is an investment management company and consultant that is primarily engaged in residential housing and has been at the forefront of developing the institutional single family residential (“SFR”) rental housing market.


Pantelan is focused on investment opportunities, dislocations and developing systemic needs in residential housing. Our clients have included institutional investors such as private equity firms, hedge funds, and single family rental focused firms. We have provided a wide range of services on over 10,000 properties to date including underwriting, acquisition, stabilization, property management and performance-focused advisory services.


Pantelan has developed a series of investment vehicles, which address specific needs in the single family residential housing market and provide a number of opportunities for investors. The Pantelan team is highly seasoned, averaging over twenty years of experience in real estate and finance with experience across the entire single family real estate investment lifecycle. Together, the team has worked with institutional single family residential investors since 2011, through predecessor entities, providing services that include evaluating and implementing business process improvements to enhance the performance of select portfolios of homes, advising on portfolio acquisitions and operating partnership agreements, and directly acquiring, renovating, leasing and/or managing over 3,500 homes.​


With experience in finance, marketing, mortgage origination, property management and possessing an array of variable skill sets, our core staff brings a unique and versatile perspective which has attributed to the development and implementation of refined business practices which drive our consistent “bottom-up” investment approach and success.



With an aim to challenge excellence and provide optimum results for homeowners, communities and its investors, Pantelan’s mission is three-fold.


  • Pantelan aims to provide high quality, cost effective housing solutions for families.​

  • Pantelan aspires to impact community and neighborhood stabilization and rehabilitation standards to target a uniformity of enjoying a higher quality of living.​

  • Pantelan aims to provide its investors with attractive risk-adjusted returns investing in the residential housing industry, one of the largest asset classes underpinning the US Economy.​

We turn homes into institutional quality investments.

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